Is Self Love Your Missing Ingredient?

download                           download (1)Over the past weekend I was lucky enough to be given the pleasure of attending a Self Love Series Workshop for women held by The Daily Guru.

I was thrilled to win a ticket to the workshop by entering a competition on Instagram! I feel that it was great timing, as things have not been smooth sailing so far this year. When things aren’t flowing as well as I believe and feel they should be I’m guilty of being a little hard on myself hence leading to less self-love and self worth. I believe that many women of all ages are guilty of this.

I have to admit that a small part of me was concerned that the workshop might be a little airy fairy (anyone who knows me well knows I cant do airy fairy). Much of the “self-help” industry is quiet guilty of that and I believe this is leading to people being very misguided, ill advised and disillusioned about the “real world”. However I’m happy to blog that it was far from that and enjoyed spending the day immersed in “real life stories” told by the four lovely speakers. They explained how they turned their own story around with some practical techniques and tools to knowing and learning your self worth, honoring who you truly are and striving forward in life to create one that is intentional and fulfilling.

Here are some key points that resonated with me and my beliefs & views

  1. Start your day by setting an intention. What do you want to achieve for the day? How would you like to feel within yourself? Maybe write it down and refer back to it at the end of the day.
  1. Pushing issues aside and into the background doesn’t make them disappear!! I believe that you can only push aside issues for so long. Eventually they will come up and give you a big tap on your shoulder! An issue pushed aside, is an issue amplified. Shopping, drinking, over eating, over exerting yourself with exercise are all ways of avoiding discomfort!!!!  Don’t!!!! Value yourself enough to recognize and work through whatever is bothering you.
  1. Try to make logical decisions in your mind but then go back into trusting your GUT where our instinct lies. Our GUT is our second brain after-all and we experience our environment through our GUT.
  1. Visualization is a great technique to help train your brain. It’s a technique that athletes use often to push themselves into achieving their goals. They for example will visualize themselves winning the race or match. We can actually train up to 60% of our brain because its neuroplastic meaning it has the capacity to be molded.
  1. People often feel that to be accepted into a “tribe” they have to act and be a certain way!! Not being who you really are is exhausting!!! If you have to pretend and change being the “real you” then those individuals aren’t your “tribe”!! Figure out who really is on your “team”. It took me a while and can be disappointing initially but in the end its what serves us best and nourishes our “self love & worth”.
  1. Be thankful for your emotions be they, sadness, anger or fear. They bring flow back, allow us to slowly move through things that are bothering us, help our intuitions and brings into our awareness when our boundaries have been disturbed.
  1. Authenticity is one of the characteristics I value the most in people. It is a process of discovery. When emotions arise just be honest and go with them, even if they aren’t nice. It’s all about being true and honest to yourself and encompasses how much you value and love yourself.
  1. We can define ourselves by our circumstances. But we are not our circumstances.
  1. Be as kind and compassionate to yourself as you would be to a family member or friend. Have your own back!! People wont always have yours.
  1. Stop worrying about what others think of you. You have no control over what people think of you! Therefore why waste your time. Not caring what others think can be a great liberator.
  1. Some practical techniques you can undertake to help you through the process of self-love are journaling especially first thing in the morning. 10-15 minutes of solid journal writing is a great way of getting all your thoughts, feelings, fears, hopes and goals out and can be very liberating and revealing over time. Meditation doesn’t have to necessarily involve sitting in silence for 15 minutes. Your meditation process can involve art therapy, a walk in nature, cooking, knitting or sewing, yoga etc. Using the power of crystals, essential oils, essences & acupuncture are also amazing.

Remember most often then not problems in our lives whether they are work, relationships, friends or family related take more time to processes and work through then they do to arise. Be patient and kind enough to yourself and allow yourself time and space. It’s all about “SELF LOVE” and believing that you are “Enough”.


2 thoughts on “Is Self Love Your Missing Ingredient?

  1. Great points. Some I find easy and some impossible. I think if we need to keep reminding ourselves of them and constantly work at them.


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